Pega Delivery & Consulting

Our Offering

Rules Cube focuses on Pega’s philosophy, “Build for Change”, to help companies develop fully integrated applications that solve business processes and create efficiencies, faster than ever. Our design thinking method unleashes the potential of Pega’s low-code platform so business and IT teams can easily collaborate and innovate together. We deliver high quality solutions by following Pega best practices and Model-Driven design, which saves cost for our clients by speeding up the maintenance time and guaranteeing upgrade compatibility in the long term. All our applications are designed for reusability and scalability, thus ensuring the architecture of the Pega platform is designed to streamline our clients’ digital transformation journey.

Delivery Phases

Rules Cube follows the tried and tested Pega Express delivery approach based on agile methodology. This delivery methodology has four major phases:


1. Discovery

As part of the Discovery phase, we understand our clients’ current processes and goals to define scalable MLPs (Minimum Lovable Products) that can be quickly designed, deployed, and extended. The purpose of the initial MLP is to create a first product release that will benefit our clients the most by delivering the highest value and ROI. At this stage, we assist in creating a backlog of epics and user stories that gradually get prioritized and built by the team to implement the desired solution.

2. Preparation

At the inception of this phase, we use our design thinking model to create the application’s architecture based on the clients long- term strategy as well as any extensibility, reusability, and localization needs. By applying Pega’s Situational Layer Cake architecture, we create a scalable framework that can be extended to both parallel and specialized teams. At the same time, we carefully plan for a smooth release and start engaging with integration teams to ensure all necessary systems communicate effectively. 

3. Construction

This is usually the longest phase of each project and we often recommend two-week sprints. During each sprint, the Scrum master works closely with the Product owner to assign team members to prioritized user stories that were marked as Ready to be built. The team will then ensure those stories are built, tested, and marked as Done. Meanwhile, the Product owner and business SMEs keep reprioritizing and elaborating on the remaining backlog items to be prepared for the next sprint.

4. Adoption

In this phase, we perform several tests to ensure businesusers will be able to successfully complete work and meet business objectives. Our team supports these activities by analyzing any issues and providing fixes to defects and problems. Then, we execute the change management plan that was defined during the Discovery. Lastly, the team assists in creating training material, conducting workshops for users, and ensuring the MPL is ready for production (click here to explore our tailored Mentorship Program). A new MLP can be defined following the same delivery approach afterwards. 

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