Architectural Advisory



“In a rapidly changing technology environment, companies need to increasingly transform their processes and systems to meet their new business needs. Digital transformation within Pega Platform demands specific expertise, discipline, and understanding of best practices to maximize the potential of technology solutions while ensuring long-term success.”

– Saeed Gharnagh, CEO at Rules Cube

Our Offering

Rules Cube offers Architectural Advisory services to help clients identify the most suitable Pega application design for their digital transformational goals. Our consultants are certified Pega Architects with extensive experience in assessing business processes to make them more efficient and effective. Whether our clients have just started to use Pega or have used the platform for several years, we assist in assessing the existing application or designing a solution to increase productivity through re-usable enterprise components. To ensure our clients’ Pega solutions are aligned with their future business requirements, the design of our applications is based on a customer-centric approach rather than a transaction centric one.


Steps to Success

Rules Cube’s Architectural Advisory services focus on the following areas: 

Process Re-Engineering

Design Oversight

Enterprise Components

Application Health Check

User Experience Focus

As these services are highly tailored to the different needs of our clients, reach out to us to learn more about how we can help your company in its digital transformation journey.